Thanksgiving Promise

The Puritans gave thanks for their bountiful harvest in their new land on the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts.

Today, most of us gather around our families on Thanksgiving Day, where we look forward to the big game, or the Macy’s parade in New York, and to Thanksgiving dinner.

The emphasis seems to have shifted from giving thanks to joining in the festivities, and watching the big game or parade.

Not that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a happy day, but this year, let’s take the time to think about why we have a Thanksgiving Day, and give thanks for the blessings our families have received and for the safety of our men and women who are in danger in far off places – and for our country, the shining city upon a hill.

“They set sail from England with a dream.
Their new nation would be a guiding light.
It would be an example for the whole world,
a shining ‘City Upon A Hill’.”


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