Failure of Historic Proportions

…Failure of Historic Proportions… Cellulosic ethanol is a failure of historic proportions, in terms of misinformation, media complicity, money wasted and the involvement of politicians. Cellulosic ethanol was, among other things, supposed to: Eliminate dependence on foreign oil Reduce greenhouse Continue reading Failure of Historic Proportions

Why the IPCC Models are Wrong

…Why the IPCC Models are Wrong… Virtually all of the IPCC’s 102 computer models have predicted there would be a hot spot in the atmosphere in the tropics, between 20 degrees S and 20 degrees N latitudes. The hot spot Continue reading Why the IPCC Models are Wrong

LEDs, Energy Saving Marvels – Part 2

…LEDs, Energy Saving Marvels – Part 2… The economics of LEDs is what makes them so revolutionary, and also misunderstood. Each LED bulb is substantially more expensive than an incandescent bulb, though their cost has come down significantly over the Continue reading LEDs, Energy Saving Marvels – Part 2

False Claims of Impending Disaster

…False Claims of Impending Disaster… Climate alarmists constantly claim that CO2 emissions will cause a huge rise in temperatures, accompanied by death and destruction. But what are the facts about temperature rise? And has the IPCC misled everyone? The alarmists Continue reading False Claims of Impending Disaster