Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar

…Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar… California, with great fanfare and huge media accolades, announced it will mandate the use of PV rooftop solar on all new homes, including any building of three stories or less, beginning in 2020. But, does Continue reading Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar

Picking and Choosing

…Picking and Choosing… It’s been interesting to read all the glowing stories about how renewables are competitive with coal and natural gas power plants.  Here is a headline from Forbes: “Production Cost Of Renewable Energy Now ‘Lower’ Than Fossil Fuels” Continue reading Picking and Choosing


…Obfuscation… Obfuscation can be defined as: “When someone presents an argument containing unnecessarily complex language that confuses or deceives.” We are now confronting obfuscation when it comes to understanding or evaluating the generation and use of electricity. The Energy Information Continue reading Obfuscation

EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 1

…EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 1… What’s happening at the Energy Information Administration (EIA)? Are holdovers from the last administration producing reports that undermine this administration’s energy policies? The EIA has just issued its latest Annual Energy Outlook, AEO 2018, Continue reading EIA Distorts Energy Forecasts, Part 1

The Use of Coal is Increasing

…The Use of Coal is Increasing… The use of coal for power generation has declined in the United States as coal-fired power plants have been closed before the end of their useful economic lives. While regulations and preference based dispatching have Continue reading The Use of Coal is Increasing

EIA is in the Crosshairs

There has been a hue and cry over the Trump transition team asking DOE for explicit information, with a list of 74 questions. The media has criticized the questions as a witch hunt targeting scientists. Michael Halpern of The Union Continue reading EIA is in the Crosshairs