Let Science Do The Talking

…Let Science Do The Talking… President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord amid controversy over the dangers of climate change. Hopefully, his action will result in a new effort to examine and discuss the science behind global warming and climate Continue reading Let Science Do The Talking

Watch the Sun

Watching the sun could provide clues about global warming1. In 1800, William Herschel, a leading astronomer, established that the price of wheat was linked to the number of sunspots. During years of good weather wheat was plentiful and the price Continue reading Watch the Sun

The Cloud

The Cloud experiment at CERN has given greater credibility to the hypothesis, possibly first scientifically established in 1801 by William Herschel, that the sun affects the climate. Herschel linked sunspots with the price of wheat. He demonstrated that more sunspots Continue reading The Cloud