An American-Canadian Treasure

An American-Canadian Treasure   The Great Lakes have one of the longest hydrographic records in North America. It’s amusing, but also tragic, to see how the National Geographic magazine has attempted to use the Great Lakes in its efforts to Continue reading An American-Canadian Treasure

Sea Level Rise

Determining the amount of sea level rise in the past, and predicting it for the future is a tricky proposition at best, and may possibly be something that’s not currently possible to do. The media touts recent studies as proof Continue reading Sea Level Rise

Dramatic and Misleading Fear Tactics

Here is a statement from a highly recognized and leading environmental author: “We are depleting the world’s supply of oxygen by burning vast quantities of fossil fuels.” Here is another statement, made in 1971: “The only genuine solution to the Continue reading Dramatic and Misleading Fear Tactics

Fracking Gets Better

The fracking revolution gets better, and oil wells produce more. When it started, fracking was somewhat a hit and miss, trial by error effort to learn how to extract oil and natural gas from shale. Horizontal wells were initially fairly Continue reading Fracking Gets Better

Has National Geographic Sullied Its Reputation?

Prior to forty or so years ago, the National Geographic magazine was a respected publication. As a student, I used to refer to the National Geographic for accurate information on historic events, people and geography. Today, it is becoming just Continue reading Has National Geographic Sullied Its Reputation?

EPA Strikes Out on Anti-Fracking Campaign

The EPA has worked mightily to demonstrate that Fracking causes water contamination, yet it has struck out again. While it has backed away from other locations where it originally claimed damage from Fracking, it was at Pavilion, Wyoming that it Continue reading EPA Strikes Out on Anti-Fracking Campaign