Grid Storage Reality

The only potential solution for the problems caused by wind and solar generated electricity is storage. But are there limits to storage? Is it possible to provide sufficient storage to allow the closing of a large number of fossil fuel Continue reading Grid Storage Reality

Subsidies for Making Ice

Unsatisfied with the billions of dollars spent on wind and solar subsidies, the environmental movement now wants subsidies for products that store energy. Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association, said: “It would be a good economic investment Continue reading Subsidies for Making Ice

Ten Most Important Articles of 2015

Here are articles of particular interest: 1. Energy efficiency was an important topic. Only LEDs Can Significantly Cut Electricity Usage 2. CO2 emissions were enshrined at COP 21, when no government group has ever looked into whether atmospheric CO2 is a Continue reading Ten Most Important Articles of 2015

The Quest for Storing Electricity

It’s generally accepted that wind and solar require storage if they are to be utilized on the grid without the very expensive cost of back-up power, such as from gas turbines. California has issued a mandate requiring the addition of Continue reading The Quest for Storing Electricity

Storing Electricity as Hydrogen

Wind and solar advocates are constantly looking for ways to store electricity for use when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining. Pumped storage is the traditional method for storing large amounts of energy that can be converted Continue reading Storing Electricity as Hydrogen